custom jeep wrangler rig

Custom Jeep Wrangler Rigs

Custom Jeep Wrangler Rigs

Custom jeep wrangler rigs are some of the baddest and best looking off road four wheel drive vehicles in the world.

Some jeep wrangler owners take their vehicles to the extreme and these photos are simply jeep wrangler rig awesome!

If you love jeep wranglers then you’ll love these crazy custom jeep wrangler rigs tricked out with some of the wildest things you ever seen on a jeep wrangler rig!

Mini Jeep Wrangler Custom Built Rig!

This is absolutely bad ass! This mini jeep wrangler custom built rig for kids is truly awesome.

If I only had this jeep wrangler mini rig  when I was A kid, he doesn’t know how good he has it!


custom mini jeep wrangler rig
mini jeep wrangler rig

The absolutely sick suspension , huge shock absorbers , and the big , meaty , cut through the mud tires on this project mini wrangler jeep are totally kick ass!

Note the custom box channel steel frame , the tubular steel roll bars and bad ass suspension geometry!

The four link suspension and differential locators and the round tubular bumpers are major kick ass!

Note the small fuel tank on the rear roll bar which I am assuming posers a cycle engine and drive train setup.

This kid has got to be having a blast in this thing!

Jeep Wrangler Rig Hybrid?

I’m not sure , but if you look at the front of this custom rig , you’ll see a jeep wrangler grill and headlight setup.

custom jeep wrangler rig hybrid
custom jeep wrangler rig hybrid with big wheels and tires

The rest , I’m not so sure! But there is no doubt that is one sick crazy custom rig inspired by the jeep wrangler platform!

The gigantic mud cutting tires and aggressive ground eating tread pattern and black wheels are simply awesome!

Dig the full size spare which I would not want to be the guy having to lift that down or change it anywhere on the trail , buts its nice to know its there if you need it! This custom wrangler type rig looks like it has some heavy duty off road components going on underneath , at least from what I can see.

This black and green wrangler type custom rig has to be a complete dream to drive!

Jeep Wrangler Rig With Sick Suspension And Lift Kit

Insane custom wrangler rig with an enormous amount of suspension lift , and very bad ass huge off road tires and wheels!

Look at the size of the drag link drop at the passengers side front. The heavy duty steel plat and bar has at least 8 inches of drop and also note the heavy duty upper steering link that goes to the steering box.

And I hope that is a very heavy duty track bar on this thing cause if it inst , it wont be there long!

The sick custom bumper , grill mesh , outdoor gear rack on the roof , four door hard top and heavy duty winch and tow hooks are ready for some serious off road business.

Absolutely badass custom jeep wrangler rig!

custom jeep wrangler rig
sick jeep wrangler custom rig

Silver Jeep Custom Wrangler Rig!

Jeep wrangler Rig Crazy!

Awesome silver jeep wrangler custom rig with “gigantic off road mud eating tires” and very huge rounded out wheel wells!

Note the solid steel link bars under the front of the chassis and the two comfortable looking jeep wrangler seat.

And we can’t forget the hot little number modeling next to this awesome custom jeep wrangler rig!”

Note the fire extinguisher on the floor at the base of the drivers seat!

custom wrangle rig with sexy girl posing
sexy girl posing with a sick jeep wrangler rig

Simply Badass Jeep Wrangler Rig!

OK , so it’s not technically a jeep wrangler, the point is though is that this is one badass jeep wrangler style body and chassis that is totally customized for off road fun!

This 1951 willys army jeep turned custom wrangler rig with it;s old school looks , military drab green flat finish , and the army graphics on it are badass.

The skull and cross bone license plate on the front and the tow hooks are as badass as the aggressive , meaty , and chunky tires!

badass old school military style wrangler rig
wrangler jeep rig in sick military paint scheme

Insane Custom Fiat Meets Jeep Wrangler Rig!

Now this is one sweet “off road rig here! I believe this is vintage fiat body meets jeep wrangler chassis and drive train to form one seriously eye catching “custom jeep wrangler” rig!

Three heavy duty shocks per wheel well, massively re-curved heavy duty leaf springs , huge “mud bogging meaty tires , and yes , it even has wide black over-sized fender flares!

This yellow terror of off road engineering looks like a lot of fun to drive!


fiat 4 by 4
mini fiat monster truck

Killer Wrangler Rig Lifted To The Sky!

This dark green “jeep wrangler custom rig has some serious suspension and body lift , and even with the lift , you see how little space is left between the wheel wells and the tires.

The tan soft top really goes nice with the green paint . This wrangler rig probably makes quick work of any “mud pit or off road course.”

Sweet rig.


wrangler rig with gigantic lift and tires
wrangler with gigantic lift and tires

Badass Classic Cherokee Rug!

This sweet vintage Cherokee “custom rig with insane custom winch bumper.

The absolutely gorgeous set of “mud eating tires are sweet. Although I think the front ones are mounted on the wrong sides as you can see by the tire tread pattern.

Note the tilted differential housings that deceases the universal joint angle that takes the stress off the joints.

The Custom steel winch bumper with fog lights and the empty grille area mean serious off road business.

Note the extra fog lights on the roof with the custom rack for bug out gear. All in all a nice custom jeep rig package.

vintage white gran cherokke custom rig
vintage jeep Cherokee rig with awesome suspension lift and huge tires

Custom Cherokee Rig Rear View

Same rig as above but the rear view. nice vintage chrome bumpers , vanity plate , rear window graphic.

Red accents on the differential housing are a nice touch.

awesome Cherokee custom jeep rig!
custom Cherokee rig with huge tires and a lift kit
red jeep wrangler custom rig
sick jeep custom rig with high lift and huge tires
badass jeep wrangler custom rig
jeep wrangler rig with gigantic tires and a high lift
monster custom wrangler rig
jeep wrangler custom rig with dually rear wheels
monster custom jeep rig
gigantic jeep wrangler monster truck rig
jeep wrangler custom rig
yellow jeep custom rig with insane lift and tires
jeep wrangler custom rig front
insane yellow custom jeep wrangler rig
insane jeep rig
insane jeep rig combo
custom jeep rig with gigantic tires and chrome wheels HOTTEST JEEP ACCESSORIES DELIVERED STRAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR BY CLICKING HERE :

huge monsterjeep custom rig

huge tires on this jeep rig
custom jeep rig with massive lift and tires

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