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Buy Jeep Wrangler Lift Kits

Buy Jeep Wrangler Lift Kits

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Buying A lift Kit For our Jeep Wrangler

Decide Which Lift Kit Is Right For You Before Spending Your Hard Earned Money!

To determine what the best lift kit to purchase for your jeep is , you must know exactly how your jeep wrangler is planning to be used.

If you are using your jeep as a daily driver , and muddling and off roading on the weekends, you DO NOT want to go with too much lift. You have to take into consideration your normal daily driver miles and things like having to drive up the highway at 50 miles per hour, making sharp turns , visual considerations, and more.

Remember that the higher you lift your jeep , the less visibility you are going to have directly in front of you and behind you in a normal traffic situation and you don’t want to create a safety or an accident issue.

So you must weigh the pros and cons of how much body or suspension lift you actually need or want.

A daily driver jeep wrangler should have no more than 2 to 4 inches in total suspension lift and or body lift combined.


If you just need a couple of inches of lift to clear that new set of custom jeep wheels and tires you have had your eye on , you may just might consider going with a two inch body lift and forgo the suspension lift. As a general rule , a body lift is less work than a suspension lift. And you avoid making any modifications to your current suspension.

However , if you just can’t live without four inches of lift , you are better off just going with a complete suspension lift kit like one in the products list below.


If you simply must jack your wrangler to the sky , you are most likely going to have to go with a combination of both body and suspension lift components to clear those monster tires and wheels you are going to stuff in the wheel wells.

And at this point , most of your daily driving will be difficult , and you can say goodbye to the highway forever unless you have a death wish that is.